How to Grind and Sharpen guillotine shear Blades

Instructions on Grinding Shear Blades

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To grind and sharpen to shear knives for metalworking industries you must have good knowledge of shear blades installation to make sure your Grinding process matches with final need of your guillotine machine.

The tolerance of cutting and gap between upper knives (fe) and lower knives(fe) indicates the accuracy of grinding process.

Before everything you must check out your current blades and inspect your knives for any major damages or major scratech On surface of shear knives . How many meters are lengths your knives? Single piece or segmented? Is upper blade two cutting edges or four cutting edges?


Grinding of shear blades is being done by vertical grinding machine.

Selecting your best local supplier for grinding knives is your next step of this process. Finding a suitable supplier with long enough machine and accurate magnet surface is important. The tolerance of magnet flatsness along the length of machine is effecting the final result of grinding.

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How much should be the tolerance of magnet flatness?

For Grinding and sharpening of shear blades in 3200mm the tolerance should be +- 0.05 mm to have best results in proper installation of knives