Sharpening and grinding services in United Arab Emirates

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Steel blades and machine knives service after the blades edges are worn out by TFICo. We make re conditioning of steel blades and machine knives for the best of the quality and based on the German Standards. TFICo Manufacturer of machine knives and steel blades since 1965 serves the customers in UAE with resharpening of […]

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Machine Shop for grinding Jobs TFICo

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Serving nations with Grinding and resharpening services for steel blades and machine knives steel cutter, TFICO.

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Grinding and Sharpening Shear Blades in UAE – Dubai- By TFICO

We Serve Customers in Metal working Shearing Machine owners to sharpen their steel blades and machine knives in Dubai Sharjah Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah We have 4.5 meters grinding machine for re conditioning steel blades guillotine knives in metal working industry factories in GCC TFICo Serving the market with High Quality Precision Grinding […]

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Grinding UAE – Blades and Knives – Shear Blades

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Grinding Machines up to 4500mm TFICO Serve the market of GCC with Grinding up top 4500mm long blades for Shearing Metal working and transformer plant machineries tools and cutters. Sharp Edge will affect your productivity of the machines and helps to minimize hte down time of your machineries. Sharpening Guillotine Shear Blades up to 4500mm […]

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Tungsten Carbide Shear Blades Grinding

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Tungsten Carbide In laid Tungsten Carbide Tips Sharpening and Grinding Services from TFICo What We Do? We do Re Sharpening Cutting Knives and machine blades, what could it be better to have a manufacturer of machine to repair your knives and make it sharpening Who we are? We are manufacturer of steel blades and […]

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sharpening grinding uae transformer tungsten carbide

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Tungsten Carbide Saudi Dubai Qatar Grinding +971 50 852 9454 Call us 🙂

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TFI Co. takes pride in offering top-quality regrinding services for factories across the UAE. Our team of highly skilled technicians has a passion for precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every blade is sharpened to the highest possible standard. With our roots in Remscheid city, a renowned hub for blade production, we bring that […]

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